Radius Events is a full service management company, expert at handling every step of the process from conception to completion. Small conference or huge citywide convention, we have the skills, systems, resources and experience to make your event run flawlessly.

Exhibit & sponsorship sales
* Show floor operations
* Marketing
* Registration
Conference program development
Conference logistics
* Accounting
* Strategic planning
* Housing
* Transportation
* Manage Your Existing Events Special events
* General management

Launch New Events For You
Nobody has more experience launching new events. We will help you refine your idea, identify your target audience and build a business plan to detail a roadmap for success.  Then we'll hit the ground running to bring your event to life in a highly professional and financially successful manner.

Help You Identify Event Opportunities
Today most markets appear crowded with events. Yet a careful analysis can often reveal significant opportunities in underserved or poorly served market segments. We can help walk you through this discovery process. Dozens of events are launched successfully every year in markets that seemed to offer not viable point of entry. We know! We�ve done it time and again.

Work as Partners
You may find forming a joint-venture with Radius to launch a new event is a highly attractive option. Doing so dramatically reduces your cost and risk on a new launch. We work as partners to ensure success. And because we only make money if you do, our objectives and motivation are completely in synch those of your organization. Our management team has worked successfully with magazines and associations for more than 20 years in this precise manner.

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